"Cheryl, Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for having me tonight. I have done yoga before - consistently for about six months. I have never experienced anything like what you helped me achieve tonight...the being "within" myself. I have never had that grounding experience in a class before.  Typically I have been shown how to get into a pose but the breathing, focus, clarity and honestly just your vibe and the vibe of the room is different from what I have been used too".    Ange R.  (Chatham) 2019

"Thank you Cheryl for the incredible class....this is exactly what I needed and I will be back!" - Steph (Chatham) 2020 

"The stretch class was "magical"...had a friend visiting from out of town and after her 7 hour journey this class was the "thing" and so perfect to nurture our bodies..." - Maria (Chatham) - 2018

"Another generous and insanely awesome donation!..." - Jessica (Chatham) - 2019

"I think I can speak for everyone when I say...greatest trip EVER!!!!" - N.W. (Bali) - 2019

"Felt so much better and more energy after class. Love how attentive Cheryl is and she exudes love and care when you take a class! She truly has a gift and glad she's sharing it with the world!" Maria G. (Chatham) - 2018

"My wife and I have participated in many classes at the studio. The experienced and dedicated teacher let us move and be with intention and awareness. I felt relaxed and energized after practice" Ted S. (Chatham)

"It shows that you put a lot of time and thought into our adventures...it shows!  I am very appreciative of your efforts...it made for a memorable experience on many levels. I'm sure I'll be joining you again in the future" Maryann R (Bali)

"I'd like to thank you SO much for organizing the best trip I have ever been on. I fell in love with Bali, the people, the culture, their genuine kindness and love about life.  Most of all the friendships that were made during the 10 days there!  Your yoga classes are inspirational and I have already thought about much of what you have said in my day to day life...From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.  This trip will forever be #1. Thank you for your kind hearts towards everyone and your knowledge about life. " Nicole H   (Bali)

"Just returned from an amazing trip...Cheryl your attention to detail and thoughtfulness in ensuring we experienced Bali's many gifts is appreciated. I was blessed to know and meet some extraordinary women on our trip" M. L. (Bali)

"I have practiced with Cheryl for over 9 years and have grown in every way, from mindfulness, strength, flexibility and happiness.  Her kind compassionate energy is shared so freely throughout her practice...she is a blessing in my life" Kelly M. (Chatham)

"Cheryl is very patient, helpful and always aware of what we need that day. The variety is fantastic, with no expectations." Denise N. (Chatham)

" I totally recommend Yoga and Cheryl for everyone!  One of the best things that I have ever done for myself". C.P. (Chatham)

"Fantastic! Cheryl is an amazing and knowledgeable teacher. Everyone feels welcomed and supported!" K F-J

"Love the studio. Cheryl makes you feel very much welcomed". B. L. (Chatham)

"Truly an excellent experience. Thank you Cheryl!!!!!"  Linda M (Italy)

"I feel amazing after class" Lisa C. (Chatham)

"I really want to thank you for everything. It was awesome.  I loved every minute of it" J-P L. (Spain)

"10/10. I enjoyed the holiday very much and look forward to Italy in 2020!" Jessica L. (Spain)