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Service Description

Unlike traditional strength and power classes, Yin yoga targets the deeper connective tissue woven throughout our body by holding poses for extended periods of time. The experience is comfortably uncomfortably. This tissue includes fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. Yin has its roots in Taoist yoga and its philosophy and intention is to open blocked energy pathways or nadis that although not visible to the naked eye, can be experienced as tension, heaviness, stagnation and denseness. This practice is performed predominantly sitting or laying on the ground taking the body into specific shapes. If you look into a yin class, it may appear that the students are not "doing" anything at all. And at some level this is correct, we are being with the discomfort - witnessing. It is the combination of the shape (asana), stillness, internal observation or witnessing, and timing of longer holds that the magic happens. Yin is not restorative, they each have a different focus. In Yin we are comfortably uncomfortable. In Restorative we may be so relaxed we could fall asleep. Both practices offer wonderful benefits to the body and the mind but they are distinctly different. After weeks of practicing students often reflect that their overall functional mobility is improved. They can balance better when putting on their socks, they can sit with more ease in meditation, they walk with less pain or run with more ease. Yin is surprisingly challenging and deeply rewarding. Come with an open mind and bring any props you may need - blankets, blocks, mats and bolsters. Studio props are not available due to current restrictions.

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No Refunds for Cancelled Sessions. Sorry no passes with limited class size. If you are unwell and need to cancel, please send an email and we will look at rescheduling your class.

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Classes located offsite: 55 Forest Street One Earth Yoga Yoga with Cheryl, McDowell Line, Chatham, ON, Canada